Bridesmaid dresses under 100

And hello again my dear girls and I am continuing with my favorite topic. Dresses of course! I am searching on web all day and looking for amazing Bridesmaid dresses under 100. And I have found some amazing and beautiful pieces. I will put you some pictures here and you will see why I am so much in love with these amazing website. I have never been bridesmaid. In our country we don't call it like that. We have a godmother and friends which are making party for wedding and everything else and the friends are dressing in the same dresses for the wedding, but we don;t call it bridesmaid. We don't have special name for that. We only tell girlfriends or just friends. But in our country girls love weddings. They are trying to find that perfect dress for so long. They are choosing makeup and hairstyles and than in the end shoes and bags. But the dress is the most important. You must be careful when you are buying your dress. You want to be beautiful but not more than the bride.:D That's why the dress is important. It has to be beautiful and elegant. So try to find some amazing and elegant dresses here Suzhoudress . Soon I have one more great post for you so dear girls stay tuned! 

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