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Hello my dear girls, and here I am with one great post about jewelry. I don't have and don't wear so much jewelry, I am not that kind of person to put on me  thousand different rings and necklaces. I only wear one kind of jewelry.Some small necklace and watch and maybe some small ring. So recently I have decided to make something special and beautiful for me. Some piece of jewelry who will not only be accessory but it will mean something bigger to me. Something like my my own amulet. Amulet for love. So I made one beautiful necklace with only two letters. The first letter of my name and first letter of my boyfriend's name. And of course one small heart between those two letter. And I am so happy to have something like that. I am wearing it all the time, everyday. Here I found this amazing website which is making personalized jewelry for you. If you want necklace with your name. If you want necklace with your boyfriend's , sister's, mother's name you can have it. It's all made of silver and it's beautiful and gorgeous. So if you want something like that you should probably get your name necklace or gnn .
Or if you want something even more special you can get name necklace with your birthstone , check it out here  getnamenecklace birthstone . Also if you have some friend which wants to find amazing gift for his girlfriend I that bracelets for girlfriend is super amazing gift and I would be so happy to get one, so also check this out  bracelets for girlfriend . If you love your mom and you want to do something special for her get some beautiful bracelet for your mom, you can make same for you and her and you can wear it like symbol of your love and connection . I am so obsessed with this jewelry, I don't know which to order. The rings are amazing but I think that I will order one more bracelet. Check it out and find something beautiful and gorgeous for you and your dear ones. 

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