Gamiss Wishlist

Hi my dear girls...and here I am with one new great website for shopping. You have notices that lately I have got a lot great stuff and clothes and I am so so happy to present to you another website, for me new which I have found. I really love their clothes and for this post I've decided to write about dresses because lately I am obsessed with dresses. I have chosen few pieces but my favorite is the first one. So sophisticated and elegant and the colors are just! I can't wait to get some Gamiss clothes and do a review for you but for now here is my Gamiss Wishlist! Hurry up and check out their amazing offer. I will leave you direct links to all of these beautiful dresses. They also offer great sweaters and jeans. But let's no talk anymore...let's check out their website HERE-GAMISS

I am in love with this dress as I already told you earlier. It's so beautiful. Check it out by clicking on this link above.
Magic stars. So sweet and girly dress but in the same time very sassy. It's short and has this beautiful belt. Just amazing. Click click click on the link above.
This is my dress. Silk dress with lace! I just love it and this dress I have ordered for myself, and I can't wait to show you and do my review for this dress. Gorgeous.
This dress is really sassy. I mean...really, really. And it's great for every occasion. You can wear it in the evening, or in the afternoon with some leather jacket or jeans shirt. I have no words....
Ballerina dress...oh so sweet! Just like a princess. I really like it and it's great for some elegant parties or maybe some rock concert if you combine this dress with leather boots and leather jacket...and plus dark makeup! Real Rock Princess! Let's rock girls!
This dress is the one that my sister would like. It's black, it's elegant and it's great for every type of body. Big thumbs up for the black one! 

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