Rosegal Oversized Pullover Review


Hello are you today!? I am so, so happy because all of my packages are here and I've got this amazing sweater finally! I am just in love with it, this sweater is my favorite thing of all Rosegal gifts. Blue is definitely one of my favorite colors, which is obvious 'cause my blogs name is Baby Blue so this colors fits me just right. Why I like this one so much? It's the softest of them all, and the warmest, and it came right on time, because these days in Belgrade was so hot and today the weather changed in a sec and it's so cold right now, so this sweater saved me and I feel so beautiful in it. I was waiting for restock of this one and finally it's mine! CLICK CLICK CLICK on the links below and check out amazing sale(some items are even below 7$)! So don't waist your time, hurry up and choose something for you! And check out my photos and tell me how you like this sweater. I think that this sweater and white jeans are a bomb combination. What do you think? And also If you are looking for some Valentines gifts check it out here!  Love you, stay tuned....xoxo  

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  1. Beautiful jumpers, dear! <3 Pictures are amazing! <3